Who's Utick ?

Utick is a powerful tool for ticketing. Created by Mediamorphose, it’s been developed specially for theaters and cultural centers. People using Utick can easily book online the shows that they propose.





Our challenge

They asked us to refresh and optimize the checkout process that people use to book online. A template for each of his clients,
but visible for everyone who’s booking an event. As crucial as this final step is, we had to offer the best experience to the user.

Our approach

As we said, the checkout step is crucial for each client and we’ve loved to question ourselves as designers but also as customers. “The simpler, the better”. With this mantra in mind, we’ve designed the cleanest graphic layout possible. Their clients can change the colours of the interface to match their own identity, so our main attention was the UX. The default settings are in the Utick’s guidelines. It’s is a tool that the developers constantly want to optimize and improve. So some features that we submit will (maybe!)change in the future versions, who knows!

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