Thomas Faelli

Who's Thomas Faelli ?

With an experience of almost 15 years, Thomas Faelli advises startups, SME and large companies. He’s specialised in commercial law / financial law / corporate law and intellectual proprety law. He’s also partner in Ethikos Lawyers



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Our challenge

Thomas Faelli had 3 words in mind for his identity : Clean, elegant with pure lines. With those words we created the visual identity.

Our approach

As a member of the bar, we had to create something elegant. He had 1 other request, we had to develop something with his initials, which we thought was truly indispensable. So, we designed two main layouts and after some feedback we, quickly, had the perfect logo for Thomas.

He also asked us to develop a multilingual website with his new graphic identity. So we did. Meanwhile, he developed with another lawyer a new compagny : Ethikos Lawyers.

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