Sigrid De Ceuleneer is an all-round stylist who decided to share her passion and her eye for color, composition and detail with others. Together with her 3 boys, they decided to start a new adventure and they launched SESI BELA in August 2020.

SESI BELA is all about helping you converting your home into a dream, with a focus on interior objects and styling advice.

They contacted us because they needed help for their logo design, and we were more than happy to help them starting their new adventure!



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Our challenge

Sigrid and her 3 boys had a clear view on how they wanted their logo to look like.

The font needed to be elegant and not too bold.

The color had to be something sober and timeless.

Our approach

We started looking for some elegant fonts, we didn’t need to search for a very long time until we found the right one! After that, we decided on the color of the logo and the background color.
Sigrid and her 3 boys were very reactive, so everything went quite fast. As we created 1 design proposition we created the logo in less than a week.

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