Who's Santini. ?

Santini. is a Corsican singer who also writes his own songs. He contacted us regarding the big launch of his first single & album.

How to describe his songs? A mix of pop style with strong Latino accents.
They sweep away through words, sounds and poetry…The lyrics project mental images before even seeing the video clip. The melody gives you a feeling of instant happiness.



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Our challenge

Our challenge was to create a visual identity for Santini.

He needed a logo to mark his new start. The most important part was to design a logo that would also match with his future albums and singles.

Our approach

First of all we had a long and pleasant video call with Santini, unfortunately we didn’t go to Corsica ;).

During this call we took the time to get to know the person behind Santini.

Santini is the result of many journeys, several discoveries and paths taken during 4 years. It gave him the opportunity to discover different islands and cities which allowed him to live various adventures on islands and cities.

We opted for an open typeface which is a nod to a free and open world with many cities and places to be discovered.

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