Notaries Wilmus & du Bus de Warnaffe

Who's Notaries Wilmus & du Bus de Warnaffe ?

The notaries Wilmus & du Bus de Warnaffe asked us to develop the branding of their notary.

We designed theirĀ complete visual identity (logo, fonts, colours…).
But we also helped them with the branding of theirĀ business cards, email signature and their letterhead.




Our challenge

Our challenge was to create a new visual identity for the notaries Wilmus & du Bus de Warnaffe. One that marks the beginning of the new association.

It was important to integrate the names of the 2 notaries in the logo and more important was to integrate the fednot logo in their design.

Keywords we kept in mind for the logo : dynamism, expertise, openness and objectivity.


Our approach

For this logo we only made 2 propositions. The main focus was to integrate their both names in the logo. As the names are quite long, it wasn’t that easy.

We searched for shades of blue for the colours and last but not least, we integrated the fednot logo.

The 2 propositions we made were totally different. We used different shades of blue and the two logos had a different shape. As you can see, they chose the round logo right away.

After that, we designed their business cards and their letterhead.

And now they’re super happy with their new visual identity!

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