Notaries Michaux & Thiebaut

Who's Notaries Michaux & Thiebaut ?

The notaries Michaux & Thiebaut asked us to brand their notary.

We designed their complete visual identity (logo, fonts, colours).
But we also helped them with the branding of their business cards, email signature and stationery like their letterhead, envelope, stamp, etc.





Our challenge

Our challenge was to create a brand new visual identity for the notaries Michaux & Thiebaut. The most important part was to mark the beginning of this new association. This new logo has to give a feeling of togetherness, it has to be to the point, clean, modern but elegant.

They had a preference for the colours blue & grey. It was also important to find the names of the 2 notaries in the logo.

Keywords we kept in mind for the logo : service, togetherness, honesty, listening and “to the point”.


Our approach

We made 3 different propositions for the logo and for each proposition we used different shades of blue.
The most difficult part was to find the perfect typeface for the logo’s, as fonts express certain emotions and have a personality. For the notary we decided to create typographic logo’s.

As said before, the main focus was their association, we had to unite the two notaries. How did we do that? For one of the 3 propositions, which was the final logo, we decided to bring them together by using the most beautiful character : an Ampersand (&). A strong and reliable character, which fits perfectly with the notary.

Once we had the final logo, we designed their business cards, their stationery and email signature.



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