Nadine De Ceuleneer

Who's Nadine De Ceuleneer ?

Nadine De Ceuleneer is a professional wedding dressmaker with many years of custom sewing experience. Her atelier is based in Kalmthout, where everything is tailor-made.

Nadine is specialized in designing wedding dresses and festive clothing. Next to that, she can also adjust your dress if you bought the dress to big of to small. Even for the smallest details you can count on her.



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Our challenge

Nadine De Ceuleneer contacted us regarding her website, she was looking for a digital branding agency to give her existing website a new and fresh look!

As Nadine already had her logo, we had to make sur the design of the website matched her visual identity.

A picture is worth a thousand words, which means it was also important to add a lot of pictures and reviews from her clients.

Our approach

After our meeting in Nadine’s studio, we had a clear view of her workspace and the way she works. Each contact with a client is super personal, so her website needed to be personal too. We integrated a section where she could show some dresses she made and we integrated some clients reviews.

We added a contact form, so clients can directly contact Nadine through her website.

The result is an elegant one-page website that matches her visual identity.

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