Who's Emib ?

Emib, or Emilie Boudart, is a creative illustrator who loves to share her passion for drawing.

In 2015 she started sharing her illustrations on Social Media under the name of Emib. The beauty of femininity is her main source of inspiration.



Our challenge

Emilie had already a website, but she wanted to make some changes. The website had to be simpler. So we had to make sure that the navigation was clear and minimal. Our main challenge was to develop a website that could easily be transformed to an e-shop because Emilie would like to launch her own e-shop very soon.

Our approach

After our meeting with Emilie it was clear for us that this project was all about simplicity. Therefore we started with a minimalist approach. Firstly, her website had to be clean and fluid. Secondly, people had to dive into her universe immediately and as Emilie doesn’t use many colours in her drawings, we had to give the same look and feel to her website. That’s why we decided to use neutral colours and let the illustrations invade space.

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