Who's fources ?

fources is a small digital agency who will help you to create and develop a brand identity. We believe that many people have great ideas and amazing projects, but due to a lack of time or know-how they are not able to realize them…That’s why we will help you to take your project from now to next. And of course we had to create and develop every aspect to launch or new project properly.



branding | content | digital strategy | website

Our challenge

Our challenge was to develop a 360°brand identity. We needed te create our brand image, content, followed by the development of our own website and digital strategy. We had to make sure everything was related to each other. The biggest challenge was to create it for ourselves.

Our approach

First of all we started with the creation of our brand image… we brainstormed about the name of our project, which had to cover every service we offer. Secondly we created a logo. It had to be simple but significant. As our main focus was the number 4, as we offer 4 different services, we had to make sure to integrate that number not only in our logo, but in every of our touch-points. The website had to be user-friendly, colourful but most of all straight to the point.

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