Visual identity

We take your project from now to next

Are you starting your own business ? Or is it time for a rebranding of your old visual identity?

Then you might know that everything starts with a logo
The best part is, you don’t need to know a thing about logo design as we do everything for you ! How great is that ?

Your logo is part of your visual identity. It includes every visual aspect of your brand such as your logo, your colours, fonts and visuals. As a company it’s important to define these, to keep a consistent visual identity. You can not use different colours or fonts for your campaigns or communications.

When we say that we will help you with your visual identity, it means that we will create your logo, we will design your business cards and stationery, but we will also develop a style guide (colour, fonts, images etc). Don’t forget your website is also part of your identity, so make sure it fits with your brand.


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What do we do?

- logo
- brand identity design
- brand identity guidelines

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