Ethikos Lawyers

Who's Ethikos Lawyers ?

Ethikos Lawyers is the first Belgian law firm specialised in Regulatory and Compliance.

Their core philosophy of using innovation and pragmatism in helping their clients to deal with complex Regulatory and Compliance issues aims at achieving one goal: Making business ethical.

They differ from traditional law firms through their specific areas of expertise but also because they are Field Lawyers®: they assist their clients on-site by offering them the most practical and cost-saving solutions.



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Our challenge

Thomas and Miguel came to us with their new idea : create the first Belgian law firm specialised in Regulatory and Compliance. For their project, they only had the name, Ethikos, but no visual identity. They gave us free rein but they had one wish, “We want something with a tree”.

Our approach

When we got out of our first meeting with Thomas and Miguel, it was perfectly clear for us : Ethikos is an encounter between two people. 2 lawyers with the will to combine their knowledge for something new, something big.

“Combination” was our first keyword to create the logo.

After that, we’ve explored the tree universe. Which one will fit to Ethikos? It had to be a strong one, so…the oak was an obvious choice. Powerful, strong, reassuring, as many keywords that complete our representation of Ethikos.

Soon, the logo was there and we got the last details together for a perfect match. The visual identity of Ethikos was a fact.

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