Centre culturel de l’Entrela’

Who's Centre culturel de l’Entrela’ ?

L’Entrela’ is a cultural center based in Evere ( Brussels ). They’re purpose is to bring the citizens and the various associations, closer to each other.

Putting the citizens at the center, was their main changement throughout the years.




branding | website

Our challenge

It’s our first website where we had to work with other creatives. Camille Pirritano, the graphist behind CamiLucie had to redefine the visual identity for L’Entrela’. They’ve asked us to design the layout of the website while T.A.C.T.I.C Absl had to develop it. Designing a website is something that we do and love to do!

We took the opportunity to work closely with Camille and to understand the new identity and the guidelines of L’Entrela’. It was also an opportunity to share with her some differences between print and web. As soon as we had all the information needed to understand the purpose of this new website and the graphic guidelines, we were ready to start the design!

Our approach

L’Entrela’ has a lot of different content to share. Which means that we had to make sure their website was clear and clean. We had to use different categories to regroup everything.

Thanks to the new identity guidelines, which was very colorful, we suggested to use a different color for each type of content of the website navigation. After that it was time to optimize all the pages of the website. We decided to use a grid to optimize the user experience.

Using the hover and click effects allowed us the hide some content but make it reachable whenever the user needs it. This is a good trick when you have important content but not much space!


In the end, we had a new website with clear content. It’s accessible and it reflects the new identity of  L’Entrela’!

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