Who's ? is an online magazine with a personal touch, founded by Cindy Van Dyck. She’s a fulltime blogger and content creator.

With the launch of she wants to create a platform with reliable beauty reviews, travel inspirations and personal stories. Her main goal it to inspire many people.

Cindy contacted us regarding her new project and we were super happy that we could help her developing it.




Our challenge

Our challenge was to design and develop a complete new website for

Cindy already had her logo, which means we had to make sure that the design of the website matched with the graphic guidelines of the logo.

The main focus of the website are the articles. Which means that the design had to be clear and regroup the different categories. Cindy has a preference for minimalistic colours and it was important to share the articles on social media.

Oh and we almost forgot, the website had to be “shoppable“. Not like an e-shop, but she wanted to share her favorite products (beauty, fashion…) with her visitors. So we added a direct link to the website of the brand.

Our approach

We started off with a meeting, so she could tell us a little bit more about her project.

From the very beginning it was clear what the website was going to look like. This project was not like any other website we already designed and developed. The design had to be clear, minimal and with a focus on the articles. It was also important to develop a user friendly website. Not only for the visitors but also for Cindy, it should be easy for her to add all the articles.

We started with the design of 2 pages. We thought about de sizes of the images (not too big, not too small) but we also used fonts that are easily readable and other aspects to ensure a quality UI (user interface). When Cindy approved the design, we continued to design and develop the complete website.

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