May 25, 2021

The main reason to add a Google map to your website is to show your business location and address to your customers (especially if your business operates under a physical location). Not every visitor of your website will have the patience to checkout your address on Google Maps manually.  

Next to that, there are some other reasons that can be interested for your business:

  • First of all, it makes your contact information easy to find!
  • Next to that, it’s better for the User Experience! A Google map helps customers or website visitors get directions to your business without having to open a new browser window. Which means they also won’t leave your website! (Win-win)
  • And finally, a Google map can indicate nearby points of interest for your visitor (parking, restaurants, parks….)  which can be very interesting if your store is in a busy city center and your visitors need to find a parking close to your store.

Adding a Google map to your website isn’t difficult, you just need to add some coding to your website. Need help to embed this in your website?

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