June 12, 2020
digital agency • experience • homeworking

As graphic designers, webdevelopers and social media experts, all we need is a computer and a wifi connection to be able to do our job. That's it. So we were lucky that we could still work during the pandemic. But it wasn't easy. We had to change our daily routine, we stayed at home (like everyone else), and we organized conference calls with our clients and within the team.

Homeworking, a happy place.

At fources, we are sure about one thing : work must be a happy place. Everyone was at home with their loved ones and that was the most important thing for us. Working from home is a different way to plan your day. We had the time to work on our projects but also to discover some new things.

The slow life around the pandemic gave us time...Which resulted in learning more new things than we did before. All the "I'll do it when I have some time", were suddenly done, because we took the time to do it.

Sandrine has learned some new things about social media and practiced her skills on tools as Creative Suite by Adobe. Lorraine has tried some new CSS tricks and tried to do some magic on Photoshop and she has spent some time on websites as : Codrops, CSS design, awwwards and of course her best friend codepen just to be more inspired by the web.

Learn, practice and try

Next to that, we also had time to think about our own work. " How can we help our clients?", "How can we use this time to improve our agency?" "How can we face situation as this pandemic as an agency?" "How do we find new clients?" We've talked about our vision, our clients, our skills, our way to communicate with each other and some really good things came out of our brainstorming. We put the changes in our agenda and we will develop them in the following months.

So? What do we learn?

As individuals first : In situations like this pandemic, we have seen how fragile our society can be. Even if we are surrounded by strong people, everything can change in a blink of an eye. We can be grateful for what everybody did during this pandemic...Think about local food shops that stayed open, the grocery stores, hospitals, public transport, some restaurants that were open for takeout. It's super important that we keep on supporting each other in those weird and hard times.

We like to think that some good things have come out of this pandemic and that they are useful for our impact on the world of tomorrow.

Professionally now : When we launched fources, we discussed about our work-life balance and we were on the same page. And let's say that we're still sharing the same mindset...even more after what we went through!
As said before, this pandemic helped us to value our time and how to use it. We need to take time to learn new tricks, new things to go further in our jobs, to improve our skills.
We also need time to disconnect from work, to reconnect with each other... These things never stopped us to complete our missions! On the contrary, they help us to be more efficient.

We also saw how precious a good client relationship is. Even if some of our missions were on hold, we were in touch with almost all of our clients to help or advise them, or just being there if needed. And it was great. Solidarity is essential in times like this and it's a value that we cherish at fources.

PS : Don't forget, the covid-19 did not disappear! Continue to protect yourself and others from the coronavirus.

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