October 22, 2019
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In our previous article we underlined the importance of SEO, but how can you optimize the SEO of your website?

Simple SEO tips to optimize your ranking

  • Internal links

It’s an easy way to connect the different content on your website and to get a better ranking in the search results. Having internal links is not only important for your visitors but also for the search engines. First of all, your internal links will drive natural traffic to your other pages. Next to that, the Google bot will crawl your website by following internal links and they will work out the relationships between your different pages, content and others (how better the relationship, how better the ranking). Having internal links also gives Google an idea of the structure of your website.

  • Outbound links

It's not only important to have internal links, it’s also interesting to make connections with other relevant websites or media. Just remember that when other websites/social media/email marketing make a link with your own content it’s even better, as these types of links to your website are key for your ranking!

  • Keywords

Creating creative and unique content is always crucial, but don’t forget to integrate the right keywords. How can you define these keywords? Think about the subject of your article and the words that are directly related to that topic, in terms of SEO, they're the words and phrases that searchers enter into search engines, also called "search queries". Write them down and make sure to integrate those keywords a couple of times in your text.

example of search queries
Search Queries
  • Meta description

Meta descriptions are there to generate click-throughs from the different search engines, so make sure to add a Call To Action in it. Secondly, don’t forget to integrate your most important keyword in your meta description. And finally try to keep your description at around 160-165 characters. If you don’t create your meta description yourself, it will show a default text.

Meta Description
Meta Description
  • Image Alt Text

Alt Text, or Alt Attribute, is a short descriptions that you can assign to your images on your websites. It’s the text that is visible on mouse hovers when your image isn’t loading. But why is this important for your SEO? As Google, or any other search engine is still a machine and can’t see the image, it’s important to describe the image in words. This will help the search engine to understand what the image is about and if it’s relevant or not.

Example of Alt Attribute
Example of Alt Text

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