February 7, 2020
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Why did you decide to launch fources one year ago?

Before fources, I had a job in the cosmetic business as webdesigner first, then content manager. I’ve stayed there for more or less three years. Next to my full time job, I had missions as freelancer for my previous studio with a friend and Julien (our hero in case of...). We’ve worked nights and weekends for two years and a half. We had stability in our job and constant new knowledge thanks to our extra missions so it was nice.

But...After six months, my job was more and more demanding. I’ve worked on a project extremely intense. The result? I had no more time for my side missions and I wasn’t doing things where I’m good at. I was tired all the time, took distance from the social life without knowing it and I was talking about my job all the time. But not in good terms anymore.

So one day, I realized that I was happier creating websites and logos than my day to day job.

I was ready to leave the company, but I wasn’t ready to leave Sandrine and our dynamic we had as a team. We realized that we had the skills, the knowledge and the passion to create our own company. Together we share the same vision of what our dream job would be like, so we decided to launch fources.

I was happier creating websites and logos than my day to day job.

What was the impact on your life ?

First of all : I’m happy. I’m happy to wake up every day and be able to work on something new, acquiring new skills and have time to be more and more curious about my work. Next to that, I have time to enjoy my weekends again!

Besides the happiness, I had to confront myself to financial restrictions. In my previous job, I had another standard of living. Now I’m not gonna lie, it’s not easy every month but I can live for what I’m doing without excess. In my head, it’s normal to have this ‘entre-deux’ at this stage of our agency and I know that’s temporary so, let’s focus on the future!

How did you find new clients ?

Our first clients were people from our own entourage. Previous colleagues, family, friends… Now, one year later, it’s more WOM (word of mouth)!

Last year, we’ve been resting too much on big clients and that’s a mistake that we’re not going to make again! We are in a lifelong learning so we decided that Sandrine would be in charge of our clients. Prospection, relation, follow-up…

What’s the most important thing you learned after this first year of being your own boss?

First : that I’ve made the right choice. We are surrounded by supportive, kind people and we have nice projects! That’s the energy that I need.

Secondly : that we are the key to our own success. We can’t rest on one big client, as mentioned before. We have to keep on searching for something new. 

Thirdly : that we have to talk about fources and what we do, every time we meet someone. Strangers, friends, family... 

Finally : that Sandrine is the perfect associate.

What’s fources special « sauce » , why is it different ?

I would like to say that we have a secret ingredient but that’s not true. I think that we are so passionate and determined about what we want for this agency that people get it. They feel that we will put the same energy in their project than we put in ours. Add to this, fun, trust and quality in our work and a direct communication between our clients and us and you have our special sauce I guess.

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