December 4, 2019
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Let's take a look at five Instagram marketing tips you can use to promote your business on Instagram.

Switch to a business account

We already said this in our first article, but we think it’s important to remind you that you have to switch to a business account on Instagram. Doing this, you will have access to some features you can’t use with a personal account...for example : 

  • Instagram insights
  • Shopping
  • Ads 
  • Contact information & Call-To-Action button

Establish a “look” on Instagram

Once you know what kind of content you would like to post on Instagram, you have to think about the look & feel of your profile. Instagram is all about the first impression, so make sure you create a unique Instagram aesthetic that fits your brand. Consistency is key, it will help your followers to immediately identify your brand.  

Engagement feeds engagement

If you’re looking for engagement on Instagram, you will have to engage too. Write better and engaging captions and reply to comments as soon as you can. Don’t ignore them. This might seem strange, but engage with similar accounts every day. By interacting with other users on the platforms, you’ll increase the chance of being seen. Think of it like free advertising.

Stories, stories, stories

Instagram stories offers huge potential for businesses. It can help you to reach a broader audience but it will also keep your business current and interesting. Tell a story, give them a look behind the scenes, offer them something more “real” on your stories. Try to create interactions by organizing polls, or let them ask you questions.


Activating your business profile is important if you would like to have access to Instagram shopping. It’s an easy way to convert followers into actual customers. We’d like to compare Instagram to a second webshop, it’s easy and effective.

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