September 3, 2019
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Having a fast loading website is not just important, it's essential

Kristy Morton

We all know that nobody likes to wait, when we order something, we would like to receive it as fast as possible. It’s exactly the same for your website speed, it has to go fast. If you’re website is too slow, you’ll lose that visitor. 

But how can you increase your website speed? We’ll share with you some of our tips and tricks to do this. 

Minimize and combine your HTTP requests

An HTTP request is made for each one of the elements of your website (images, scripts, stylesheets..), so the more on-page components, the longer it takes for the page to load. After you minimized it, try to combine your requests (your CMS will propose plugins to do this).

Reduce image sizes

The size of your images are super important for your website speed. If they are too big, it will slow down page load times. 

Reduce the numbers of plugins

Don’t get us wrong, plugins are actually great to achieve some of your ideas but it’s never good to exaggerate. So be sure to only install the ones you need. Less external requests, more SEO friendly.

Activate browser caching

This is very useful when you have visitors returning on your website. The first time they will visit your website all the elements (HTML document, stylesheets, javascript files and images) will have to be downloaded, but the second time the elements will be stored in the user’s cache and won’t have to be reloaded again. Speed increases!

Add your stylesheet (CSS) in your header 

This way your website will download the most important elements first. Your CSS should be helping your webpages render faster not slowing them down.  

Just a little glimpse

Of course there are many more ways to increase your website speed, this is just a little glimpse of what can be done…If you need help optimizing your website, just grab your phone and call us or send us an email! We will be happy to help you.

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