December 23, 2019
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GraphicMama talks about the 2020's trends in a handy video :

As a digital agency, it's always a pleasure to discover these new trends. We are always wondering if we are going to see some of our favorite graphic design trends. And YES we did! In this deep research to spot the rise in several particular trends, we are happy to see that we found some of our favorite ones!

To give you a little recap of the video, you'll see the top 13 trends for graphic design :

  • 3D depth and realism
  • Going monochrome
  • Shiny metals
  • Typography craze
  • Image and text masking
  • Line art
  • Collages of drawings and photos
  • Simplified illustrations
  • Isometric illustrations
  • Earthy colors: a sense of vintage
  • Patterns and textures
  • Geometric designs
  • Liquids

We decided to share with you our top 5!

Going monochrome

Some of recent works in progress confirm that going monochrome is a trend. It has actually always been a trend! Monochrome brings simplicity, modernity and elegance to the design. In print or web it's the same thing. At fources agency, we love to work with 1 or 2 main colors. Never more, because with 2 colors you can already have infinite different variations within it. Colors means colors and not shades! And yes my friend, it's totally different!

Collages of drawings and photos

We're currently working on a new project, and our client's first wish was: "I want to be able to put some collages of my pictures on my website". Some designers even offer new mockups for this type of new visuals.
Maybe at fources, we will follow this trend for our own visuals? Who knows?

Typography craze

Yes. Just a big YES to this trend. Definitely one of our favorites!

Simplified illustrations

We love lines. Lines in print, in web in illustrations. That's simply the most powerful tool to express something. Remember our case with Emib? This Belgian illustrator loves to work with lines in her works. Take a look at her website to see some examples.

Isometric illustrations

To be honest, we use the isometric illustrations only in our presentations because it fits so well with our purpose. But recently, we've seen it on several websites and it's something quite beautiful when it's animated. It will give another dimension to your website.
Maybe another trend that we'll follow?


Ok sorry, we had to add a 6th one to our top 5...We are really intrigued by the Liquids, it's definitely something that we would like to experiment with!

Credits : Main picture - Photo by Theme Photos on Unsplash

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