October 2, 2019
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A content calendar is more than just a tool to help your business. It also makes your life easier and less stressful.

What is a content calendar?

It’s a document you make to schedule out what you want to post for the next month or weeks, when you are going to post it and on which platform you will share it. 

This can be a really simple excel spreadsheet or even a word document. For those who want it to be a little bit more technical, they can make it with a specialized application.

content calendar
example content calendar

Why is it important to have one?

We all want to make our life easier, we want to save time and have less stress… These are the main reasons why we would recommend you to develop a content calendar. Have a look at some other advantages...

First of all, having a content calendar means that you will plan ahead the content you want to share. Doing this, you will have more time during the week to concentrate on other important things and you won’t have to post content on-the-go. Which can be stressful as you may have a lack of time or inspiration at that specific moment.

Secondly it will give you a clear overview on all your content, not only your social media accounts but it’s also important to integrate your blog and e-mails in your calendar. Once you have that overview, it will be easier to share your existing content. For example, you post a blog article on your website, make sure to share this article on Facebook or integrate it in your weekly e-mail (very good for your SEO).

Make sure to not always post articles about the same topic, have enough variation. A content calendar, will make this easier. Planning your content in advance, will give you a helicopter view on the different topics you’ll be talking about, which will help you to create new and relevant content about other subjects.

Last but not least, people often forget to post top topical content. Why? Because they don’t plan their content, which means they can forget to integrate ‘special days’ like Valentine, Holidays, International Dog or BFF-day. So make sure to write all those important days down and integrate them in your calendar, so you know you’ll have to create something for that day. 

If you need help creating your content calendar, just grab your phone and call us or send us an email! We will be happy to help you.

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