Barbara Bussy

Who's Barbara Bussy ?

Barbara Bussy is a story of stones, the quest for an hypnotic gem that brings a contemplative pleasure through its color, its light.

These amazing stones are sublimated by the creator’s design and the hand of the talented craftsman. The result is a jewel reflective of whom wears it: unique.

Barbara contacted us because she was looking for a trustworthy agency for the design and development her website.


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Our challenge

Barbara Bussy has a univers with some pretty strong colours. She’s also a “straight to the point” person. No need to say much when your product speaks for itself right?

The website needed to be clean and colourful! So we had to come up with something smooth and that takes up this separation in colours. A onepage is the perfect way to design a website that doesn’t have a lot of pages or content. This reworked onepage website allows a fluid and direct navigation to the right content. It was also necessary to make sure that the sections that didn’t have a lot of content, were able to take up as much space as the rest.

Our approach

After our coffee meeting with Barbara, we started looking for the right colours for her website. It’s important to know that the colours you are using for your offline communication, don’t always match with your online communication. That’s why we had to find the perfect pink and orange colour for her website. Once we found the right colours, we developed a “coming soon” page.

Launching a “coming soon” page, is the best way to kickstart your online promotion! It also gives you time to develop your website, without missing the online presence.

The main goal was to develop a smooth and fluid website. That’s why we worked with a “slider” solution. Each content has its own (colorful) space and presence!

Don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail, if you would like to launch your own website. We will help you to design and develop a unique website that matches perfectly with your business.

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