Antwerp Rehab & Training

Who's Antwerp Rehab & Training ?

Antwerp Rehab & Training is a physical therapy and training center in Antwerp. Every trainer has a unique approach and expertise but they are all professionals with a passion for sports, exercise & health.

So if you’re looking for a personal trainer, a food coach, if you need to recover from an injury or if you would like to join group sessions…Antwerp Rehab & Training is the place to be.





Our challenge

As they are professionals who are concerned about their patients, they prefer to spend enough time with them. Which means they don’t have enough time to write interesting articles. That’s why they asked us to write an article with some do’s and don’tsĀ for beginner triathletes..

The challenge was to write an article with a scientific basis but written in a fun way, about a (until then) unknown topic.

Our approach

Before we started creating content, we had a meeting with Antwerp Rehab & Training. This meeting was super interesting and very clear/complete. They gave us enough information about their way of working, what kind of support they give, but also the tone of voice we needed to keep for the article and the structure.

After our meeting we started with some research about that specific topic. This is what we love about content creation…We keep on learning new stuff by doing research for our clients, how cool is that?

We also made a list with keywords, these are crucial when you write an article (SEO!!).

Once we had al the information needed, we started with a draft. We integrated the keywords in the text, we checked its flow and we made sure to avoid repetition. When de text had been approved by Antwerp Rehab & Training, we integrated the article in their CSS and we made it SEO-friendly.

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