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the power of four(ces)

fources is all about joining forces. We are designers, developers, social media freaks, friends, young & free. Passionate about sports, culture, our jobs and your brand. Our strength is that our previous work together brought us the guts, the energy and expertise to tackle any problem. Challenge us and you won’t be disappointed.


PS : Don’t be surprised if sometimes we’re not in our office, we are just maintaining our creativity.

Meet the team

Sandrine Ophoff

Boundless digital strategist

If you watch a hockey game with Sandrine you’ll see that she has the same talents in the game as she has in her work. She’s incredible as a single player and indestructible in a team. She analyzes every situation with perspicacity and she can achieve any task.
You can’t distract her when she’s in the game because she’s focused as hell on what she’s doing. No matter what happens, she would never quit something she cares. She’s solid as a rock and precious as gold.

Lorraine Delvaux

Visual identity brainstormer

If there’s one person you need to meet in your life, it’s Lorraine. Her passion for literature and art, made her the person she is today. She’s the kind of person who would do anything for what she’s caring. If you have any kind of problem, if you need advice, or just someone to talk to, she will always be there for you with the right words and find a solution. She’s the most loyal and trustworthy person you may ever meet. So no need to panic, your project will be safe with her.

Julien De Wilde

Code-me-if-you-can master

Julien is a tall man with the most logical mind in the room. You want to develop something? Give him just a second. Yeah, 90% of the time he will find a way to make it happen. Leave the other 10% to Elon Musk. Julien never wastes time, he’s constantly learning new things and will be more than happy to challenge himself with your ideas. Add to this, a big heart and love for design and you have the most wonderful webdeveloper in the world.

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